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Branding Identity ShowIt March 18, 2023

Masterclass Sales Page - Showit

Abundance Makeover is a masterclass of the I am Worthy. It offers a liberating journey, demystifying the intricacies that have long surrounded wealth and prosperity.


Design a captivating and high-converting sales page for Worthy’s “Abundance Makeover” Masterclass program. The objective was to attract potential participants, drive sign-ups, and effectively communicate the course’s value.

Design: Sales Page
Client: Abundance Makeover

I closely collaborated with Worthy to understand their goals and brand identity. During the brainstorming session, we explored visual themes and user flows. This resulted in a user-centric design that prioritized clear information hierarchy.

Understanding Worthy's ideal customer profile was crucial. This included demographics, interests, pain points, and motivations for enrolling in the "Abundance Makeover" Masterclass.

Technical Considerations:

This includes:
  • Responsive Design: The sales page must seamlessly adapt to all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  • Fast Loading Times: Quick page load speeds are important for a positive user experience.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: The sales page should function flawlessly across various web browsers.

Collaborating with Worthy defined their specific goals for the sales page.

This includes:
  • Increase course sign.
  • Clearly communicate the course benefits and value proposition.
  • Maintain brand consistency with Worthy's overall identity.

User Flow Mapping: This project involved creating a user flow map to optimize the conversion funnel for a Kajabi masterclass. We focused on the user journey from the sales page to the post-purchase stage. Here's how it works:

Collaborating with Worthy defined their specific goals for the sales page.

This includes:
  • Free Trial Opt-in: Users interested in the masterclass can choose the free version on the sales page.
  • Frictionless Signup: We implemented an embedded Kajabi form for a smooth signup process with minimal information required.
  • Thank You Page with Upsell Opportunity: Upon successful signup, users are redirected to a thank-you page acknowledging their registration. This page strategically integrates an offer to upgrade to the paid version of the masterclass, maximizing conversion potential.
  • Automated Email Sequence: Both opting for the free version or upgrading triggers an automated email sequence. This ensures all users receive relevant information, whether it's access details for the free version or further information about the paid upgrade.

Outstanding results:

  • The page successfully captured the essence of the masterclass program, with compelling visuals and content.
  • User engagement and conversion rates significantly increased, resulting in a notable rise in sign-ups.
  • The sales page effectively conveyed the unique benefits of the course, resulting in higher participant enrollment.
  • The page received positive feedback from both the client and visitors for its aesthetics and user-friendliness.
  • Overall, the project contributed to the successful promotion and growth of the "Abundance Makeover" Masterclass Program.

Color palette

R 0
G 29
B 126


Navy Blue

R 241
G 93
B 63



Mustard Yellow
R 229
G 182
B 77


Mustard Yellow

Dark Gray
R 45
G 45
B 45


Dark Gray

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