Branding Digital Magazine Identity February 2nd 2024

Digital Magazine: Travel Issue #1

A vibrant online community focused on travel, lifestyle, and pet care, transitioned from a blog to a digital magazine.


Design a professional digital magazine in close collaboration with the editor-in-chief, ensuring a seamless reflection of the website’s aesthetic.

Design: Digital Magazine

Client: Spenderrific Studio

⬤ 01. Discovery

I conducted a competitive analysis to understand the latest design trends in digital magazines catering to diverse interests. This helped me to develop a design strategy that balances visual coherence with distinct sections for each lifestyle category.

⬤ 02. Design Requirements

The design needs to be visually appealing, catering to a diverse audience, and seamlessly integrate interactive multimedia elements to create a richer reading experience.

⬤ 03. Ideation & Solution

In order to achieve a visually cohesive design that had distinct sections for each lifestyle category (travel, lifestyle, pet care), I analyzed the design language of well-known magazines that catered to similar audiences. By examining their layouts, color palettes, and typographic choices, I gained valuable inspiration to guide my own design direction.

⬤ 04. Final Design

The final design successfully achieved the project goals. Consistent color palettes, fonts, and logos established a strong brand presence throughout the magazine. Each lifestyle section maintained a unique visual identity while seamlessly integrating with the overall aesthetic. Interactive elements like videos and image galleries enhanced user engagement.

⬤ 05. Results

The debut issue garnered impressive results, attracting over 1100 readers and exceeding 6,000 page views within the first 72 hours.

These numbers demonstrate the effectiveness of the design in attracting and engaging Spenderrific’s diverse audience.

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